I am a fun loving, educated Trans woman excited to meet up with a refined, distinguished gentleman who desires privileged private time.  I enjoy getting to know you over dinner, or simply being social and having drinks as part of our date.

   I like dressing up for a sophisticated evening and sharing a cocktail with a tasty meal, or relaxing in casual attire and nibbling on appetizers. If you prefer not to dine together, or have a business dinner, no worries!  Meeting up after your dinner for drinks, conversation plus fun, make for a great date also.

   I will monopolize your time and give you my undivided attention. I fancy clever men and honest conversation.  I offer Cocktail and Dream dates. Physical stimulation is wonderful, but I delight in mental stimulation. Unlike other trans women, I offer something quite different. I do not do quickie visits of the rushing kind. It is not my style. I prefer having a DATE with you! Time is not the focus... fun is the focus! It is truly a DATE, in every way. Connecting is appealing to me. Our time together is quality! Price for my time is constant; time may fluctuate. I prefer starting our date with a cocktail and conversation. Please call me during the day to schedule an evening date. DO NOT CALL ME AT THE LAST MINUTE! I am a busy lady and I DO NOT do last minute dates. I see a select, small number of upscale gentlemen.


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Meet Shannon

 Passion & Fun

About Shannon

I AM Shannon Spears

Gender: Transgender 
Age: 40
Ethnicity: USA Italian/Irish
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 148 lb
Measurements: 7.5" of Fun